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The perfect wedding photo encapsulates the essence of love, joy, and connection shared between the couple on their special day. It captures a fleeting moment of genuine emotion, whether it's an intimate glance exchanged between the newlyweds, a heartfelt embrace, or a spontaneous burst of laughter. The composition is impeccable, framing the couple in a setting that complements their personalities and the mood of the occasion. Soft, natural lighting bathes the scene, casting a romantic glow that enhances the atmosphere of love and celebration. Each detail, from the delicate lace of the bride's gown to the tender grip of the groom's hand, is captured with precision and artistry. Above all, the perfect wedding photo preserves the magic of the moment, allowing the couple to relive the joy and beauty of their union for years to come.

the eric rudd photography experience

1. My couples tell me time and time again..."Thank you for helping me to be present in the moment. We really appreciate your relaxed approach." I'm not a hectic wedding photographer. My goal is to create amazing photographs, all the while helping to guide you through the day with care and creative excellence.

2. My couples trust me. Parents treat me as though I'm part of the family. One particular wedding I was scheduled to shoot was postponed due to Covid. 2 years later, the parents of the bride flew me out to Maine because they insisted I photograph their daughter's wedding. Why? Because I photographed her sister's wedding years earlier!!

3. I have nearly 16 years of experience as a wedding photographer. That makes me a valuable resource during the planning process. I also am an expert at anticipating moments throughout your wedding...moments you may not have realized were happening at the time.

4. I have a creative eye for bright and airy portraits. Details do not go unnoticed. Vibrant, bold images and timeless storytelling is at the heart of every wedding I photograph.

That's the Eric Rudd Photography experience.

"We love Eric! He is the perfect combination of easy-going, completely competent and fun! His experience is deep and his work is nuanced...the work of a real artist!!!"
Susan Y.

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Wedding photography is a big part of any wedding budget, but may I humbly suggest to splurge on a great photographer? Fifty years from now, that's what will help you recall the emotion and what the day really felt like.

My wedding coverage starts at $3000. To receive accurate and up to date pricing information for your wedding day or weekend event, please get in touch via the contact form or email




Eric Rudd Photography is a highly sought-after photographer renowned for capturing the essence of weddings with skill and creativity. Based in Indiana, Eric's expertise extends far beyond state lines, offering his services for destination weddings worldwide. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Eric brings a unique blend of professionalism and artistry to every project, ensuring timeless memories for couples wherever their special day may take them.